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Frog Bone Sauce, Multi-Pack (BBQ, Remoulade, Spanish Moss)


Frog Bone Bayou Sauces Multi-Pack (BBQ, Remoulade, Spanish Moss) – 12oz bottles

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This multi-pack is a combo of all 3 of our Bayou series sauces: Bayou BBQ, Bayou Remoulade, and Spanish Moss. The Bayou BBQ is our Sweet with Heat thin-set BBQ sauce that works wonders as a glaze while grilling. The Bayou Remoulade sauce is the “Everything sauce” that can be used for dipping seafood, a dressing, and much more. The Spanish Moss is our version of the White BBQ sauce. It is very similar to a honey mustard texture and flavor. Now you get to enjoy all 3 in this combo pack!


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