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Frog Bone Boil 1#


Frog Bone Seafood Boil 1#

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Frog Bone Cajun Seafood Boil was created by the “Boudin Man” from Madisonville, Louisiana. This cajun seasoning is made with a specific blend of seasonings and spices to create the perfect flavor and spice for your seafood, veggies, potato, and meat entrees. There is no need to add any other seasoning to this seafood boil. Well we add lots of stuff to it, but you dont have to. 1- 1# bag can season 10 pounds of crawfish, 15 pounds of shrimp, and 3 dozen crabs. 1- 4# bag can season 1 sack/ 35 pounds of crawfish, 55 pounds of shrimp, and 4-5 dozen crabs. 1- 25# box can season 250 pounds of crawfish, 375 pounds of shrimp, and 75 dozen crabs. Of course adding more seafood boil will add more flavor and more spice.


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