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Creole Gumbo

Taste perfection with the Cajun Country Creole Gumbo Seasoning Mix.


The Cajun Country jambalaya mix is like a flavor explosion in your mouth!

BBQ Shrimp

Cajun Country’s Barbecue Shrimp Seasoning Mix will serve up shrimp that are buttery, spicy, and delicious!  Serve with French bread for an out of this world appetizer or meal!

Red Beans & Rice

A traditional meal served on Mondays in the Big Easy, but we won’t tell on you for making it every day.

J & S Foods Inc. of New Orleans

J & S Foods started in 1987 with only one product.  We quickly learned that with only one product, we weren’t going to be in business for very long.  It’s been over 34 years now and our growth has been amazing.  Specializing in Louisiana Cajun & Creole products, J & S carries nearly 800 products and we’ve grown to be one of the largest hot sauce distributors in the country.


We are a family business with a dedication to service, and we are grateful for all of our loyal customers and we look forward to serving those of you who are new!


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    Frog Bone Boil

    Looking for a great tasting & easy boil? We have it. Frog Bone. Great for:
    1 40# sack of live and washed crawfish, or 1 hamper of crabs (4-5dz), or 55#s of shrimp or even try it when you boil peanuts.


    Mr. Garlic Seasoning

    Now owned by J & S Foods.  At 25mg of sodium per serving, one of the lowest on the market - Mr. Garlic is guaranteed to be loaded with flavor, not salt. Only $4.95.

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